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Requisite in short:
- Maybe not or differently
- There is something you need to do first
- Sort this out before moving forward

The "Requisite" card surfaces as a strategic reminder, pointing towards the necessity of addressing foundational matters before advancing further. This card suggests a moment for pause and reflection, indicating that achieving your desired outcomes may depend on fulfilling certain prerequisites. It emphasizes the importance of identifying and completing these essential tasks or resolving outstanding issues, underscoring that progress is contingent upon laying the proper groundwork.

Drawing the "Requisite" card calls for an assessment of your current strategy and actions, urging you to pinpoint what foundational elements might be missing or what preliminary steps need to be taken to ensure a solid base for future success. It serves as a reminder that thorough preparation and attention to detail are crucial, suggesting that overlooking these foundational aspects could hinder your ability to move forward effectively.

In this phase, the card encourages a focused approach to your endeavors, inviting you to prioritize tasks and responsibilities that are fundamental to your goals. It's a call to action to address and sort out any underlying issues or requirements that may be preventing you from achieving the clarity and momentum needed for advancement. The "Requisite" card emphasizes that success is built on a foundation of meticulous planning and execution, highlighting the significance of addressing these essentials with diligence and foresight.

Let this card inspire you during moments of impatience or eagerness to progress, reminding you of the power of preparation and the value of ensuring all prerequisites are met. It's a period to embrace the discipline and determination required to address these foundational aspects, to proceed with the confidence that comes from knowing you have laid a solid groundwork for your aspirations. The essence of the "Requisite" card lies in the strategic importance of meeting necessary conditions, guiding you to navigate your path with the assurance and resolve that stem from comprehensive readiness and alignment with your core objectives.

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