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Emotional Intelligence in short:
- No, at least not now
- What are your true feelings about this?
- Manage yourself and others before acting

"Emotional Intelligence" surfaces as a reflective pause, urging you to connect deeply with your emotions and those of others around you. It suggests a period where immediate action might not be the best course, encouraging instead a thoughtful introspection and emotional assessment. This card asks about your true feelings, prompting a candid exploration of your emotional landscape in relation to your current circumstances or decisions at hand.

Drawing the "Emotional Intelligence" card is an invitation to prioritize emotional awareness and regulation as key components of your decision-making process. It emphasizes the importance of understanding not only your own emotions but also the emotional dynamics of those you work with. This period, highlighted by the card, calls for an enhanced focus on developing empathy, fostering effective communication, and cultivating a supportive and understanding work environment.

In this phase, the card encourages you to harness emotional intelligence as a strategic tool, recognizing its power to inform your actions and interactions. It's a reminder that managing yourself and navigating the emotions of others with sensitivity and insight can significantly impact the harmony and productivity of your professional relationships. The "Emotional Intelligence" card underscores the necessity of approaching situations with a balanced blend of heart and mind, ensuring that your actions are considerate of the emotional well-being of all involved.

Let this card inspire you during moments of uncertainty or impulsivity, guiding you to act with emotional wisdom and integrity. It's a period to engage with your emotions as sources of information and strength, enabling you to lead and collaborate with compassion and empathy. The essence of this card lies in the transformative role of emotional intelligence in achieving professional fulfillment and success, encouraging you to manage yourself and others thoughtfully before moving forward.

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