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Values in short:
- Yes, absolutely, right now
- The stars are aligned go for it.
- Following your values will take you where you want to be

The “Values” card appears as a steadfast reminder during times of choice and change, signaling that now is a moment to remain true to the principles that define you, even if affirmation seems to tarry. It suggests that while the positive outcome you seek is assured, it requires the fortitude to uphold your deepest convictions amidst the pressures and noise of the world. Your core values are the stars by which you navigate; they are the constants that will guide you to your desired destination.

This card lies in the enduring power of authenticity and the rewards that come from aligning your actions with what you hold to be true. It encourages you to embody the values that resonate with your essence, as doing so will carve a path through any uncertainty and lead you to a place of fulfillment and achievement that is both meaningful and lasting.

Drawing the “Values” card asks you to trust that staying the course, being patient, and acting with integrity will steer your ventures to fruition. It’s a call to honor the commitments you’ve made to yourself and others, to act with integrity, and to let the compass of your values lead you. The card reflects a period of alignment and integrity, ensuring that the foundations you build now will sustain the successes and joys yet to come.

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