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Intentions in short:
- No, proceed with care
- Whatever it is, don't do it
- There is something wrong

In the landscape of decision-making, "Intentions" emerges with a cautionary stance. It signals a crucial moment to pause and reflect, suggesting that the path you are contemplating may not lead to the desired outcomes. This card carries a clear directive: to halt your current trajectory and to scrutinize the motivations and potential implications of your intended actions. It implies a misalignment between your plans and a harmonious course, urging a thorough reevaluation of your approach.

Drawing the "Intentions" card is an invitation to delve deeper into the core of your motivations, to unearth the underlying factors driving your decisions. This period calls for introspection and honesty, challenging you to question the validity and integrity of your aims. It emphasizes the importance of aligning your actions with the highest principles of well-being and ethical conduct, suggesting that a recalibration of intent may be necessary to avoid unintended consequences.

In this phase, the card beckons you to embrace the wisdom of restraint and the value of foresight, guiding you to navigate with sensitivity and discernment. It's a reminder that the true power of intention lies in its capacity to inspire actions that are beneficial, constructive, and in harmony with the broader tapestry of life. The "Intentions" card underscores the significance of proceeding with care, advocating for choices that resonate with the deeper truths and aspirations of your being.

Let this card serve as a compass during moments of uncertainty or impulsivity, reminding you of the transformative potential of consciously crafted intentions. It’s a period to realign your aspirations with the principles of authenticity and compassion, ensuring that the path you choose is reflective of your truest self and conducive to the collective good. The essence of "Intentions" lies in the power of mindful consideration, encouraging you to forge a journey marked by integrity, purpose, and a profound respect for the interconnectedness of all actions.

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