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Stand by in short:
- No, at least not now
- The time is not now
- Do not rush, take your time

The "Stand by" card signals a period where pause and patience are paramount. The message here is clear: the present moment may not be the opportune time for action. This card emphasizes the significance of time, suggesting that haste could lead to undesired outcomes. It's an invitation to embrace a period of waiting, to use this time for reflection and preparation rather than forging ahead impulsively.

Drawing the "Stand by" card is a call to consider the timing of your endeavors carefully, to trust in the natural flow of events, and to understand that some phases of life and work require stillness as much as they do action. This card advises a strategic pause, allowing space for circumstances to unfold and for clarity to emerge.

In this phase, you're encouraged to slow down, to reassess your priorities, and to ensure that any steps you take are deliberate and well-considered. It's a period for grounding yourself, for solidifying your foundation so that when the time for action arrives, you're fully prepared to move forward with confidence and precision.

Let the "Stand by" card serve as a reminder of the wisdom in patience, reinforcing the value of taking your time to ensure that your actions are aligned with the best possible outcomes. It's a call to trust in the timing of your journey, recognizing that every moment of pause is an opportunity to strengthen your resolve and to prepare for the success that lies ahead.

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