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Nothing New: Leadership is a Question of Vision

Don't talk to me about strategic vision, it's not about becoming the best in your market, it's about knowing why people follow you!

Where do we start?

Learn while having fun

We're going to play the leader

We know the theories: directive, transactional, charismatic, transformational, servant leadership, Nothing New! But we will apply them to everyday situations, in role play, we will apply them to an annual speech, to a board meeting, to an interview... And always, we will apply the theory with a smile , with enthusiasm, it's a blow to take but we'll have a good laugh, we promise!

Find your Vision

Let's open your chakras

We will find out why your teams follow you, we will question your fans if necessary and we will bring out this vision which is already within you, but which is perhaps not always at the forefront. And we're going to look together at how it actually applies to everything... Applying the vision is the leader's everyday work, that's all there is to do... Then, it's a question of style and we can change, play with it, but not with the vision!

Reading on the subject...

Our expertise

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Let's go back to the basics


joyful meditation for personal growth in the office.jpg

We seek happiness

Personal development

happy 3D cartoon female leader closeup using card divination in the office.jpg

We're having a little fun...


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