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Nothing New: Back to the basics

It's not new but we often forget the basics: managing confidence, well-being, motivation, satisfaction, exercising power, cultivating emotional intelligence, using coaching and opening up to leadership...

How do we make it happen?

Learn while having fun

We're going to play manager

We know the theories: McGregor's theory X and Y, Maslow's pyramid of needs, Vroom's theory of expectations, Max Weber's legitimacy of power, Nothing New! But we will apply them to everyday situations, in role play, we will apply them to a speech to new recruits, to giving feedback, to announcing big news... And always, we apply the theory with a smile, with enthusiasm, it's a blow to take but we'll have a good laugh, promise!

Learn from one's mistakes

We replay the match

Therapeutic effect guaranteed, we replay your best and worst management moments. Whether we have given or received, we all have these moments in mind that we think about from time to time or that we try not to think about. We'll replay them until we find the right way to do it, and we always find it. It's liberating and the best way to convince yourself that there is no secret, that the solution is always in one of the theories, that you just have to apply them, Jus do it!

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Our expertise

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We change the world


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We find happiness

Personal development

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We're having a little fun...


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