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8 steps to bring back Joy at Work

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Change your approach
to work

How can we bring back Joy at Work and in our lives for a better world? 😃


Am I helping my team or making it worse?

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Where are we going and is it okay with me?

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What can I do to help?

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Need help?

Where to start ? 🧐 You could first measure your Joy at Work... 🥳 Then, ask a question to our card game about your career... 🙃 Finally, why not read a little about Joy at Work and positive management? 🤓 Enjoy your visit!

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A businessman levitating while meditating in the office

Re-invent my Management style

We replay the match! We revisit your experiences, “I told him”, “She told me”, “What he had done…”

If I talk to you about theory, you fall asleep straight away. If I give you examples, you find it clear but you don't change. If I ask you your best and worst management moments, you are already starting to change. I want the real worst ones. The ones you're still thinking about... And we're going to dissect them, we're going to replay them, and I won't let go until we've found the right way.

A manager learning to be happy and efficient in 3D
Feed the Cat
A woman shining confidence in the office

Unleash my Leadership Power

We talk about vision, we talk about strategy, we put it all back together for the 21st century!

What is your vision? And don't tell me "It's being the best in our market" or "Offering the best to our customers!" because it doesn't work with me. A leader has followers... And people, they only follow you if you connect with them. If they are there for their salary or their career, they are not actually following you, they are using you. So why should they follow you? Or your business? Your project? Give me some magic here, give me all you've got... Impress me!

A woman leader has success and fun with her followers
Ripple Delete
A dynamic and inspiring image showing a business man in a pose of victory

Arouse me from Torpor

Who am I, where am I... No, but seriously! At work, and in my personal life...

Well, here, I have to be honest, I can't guarantee that your life won't change dramatically... Because, for me, and I could be wrong, but I don't think so, you've never really thought about what it is that you really wanted to do. And I mean really! That means without constraint,  without “I can’t”, “It doesn’t work like that”, “There are rules”, “I have responsibilities”, and so on and so forth. Now, we address the Universe, we open our chakras, and we make it happen...

Taking a nap at work is good for productivity, a guy on a couch


Some of our favorite sectors: luxury, hospitality, education, technology, finance... We can't stop talking about luxury!

You have a question? First, draw a Card!

Well, it's not the most classic business decision tool, but it works: It's divination. You ask a question, the game gives you an answer... Is it random? Maybe. But it is also the ultimate "Think outise of the Box", so TRY IT!

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About Nothing New

You want to learn more,

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