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Making our Vision come true

When our founder, Arnaud bouvier, embarked on his journey at the Luxury Hotelschool Paris twenty years ago, he had a clear vision in mind: The end of suffering at work, or rather at school...


This wasn’t just an ambitious goal; it was a necessity. We firmly believe that true leadership transcends the confines of business metrics and delves into the realm of personal well-being. Under his leadership, the school achieved the number one rank in student satisfaction, a feat that stands as a testament to this vision.

Our approach at the school was holistic. We focused on creating an environment that didn't just educate but also nurtured. From aesthetic enhancements like beautiful decor and a serene zen garden to practical comforts such as good lighting, comfortable chairs, and great food, every aspect was designed to promote well-being. We included lounge areas with cozy sofas and even a Nintendo on a large screen to blend learning with leisure. But it wasn’t all about the physical environment. We invested time in knowing each other, engaging in excursions, brainstorming sessions, and creative projects. We even organized week-long trips themed around topics relevant to our industry. This approach created a demanding yet benevolent work environment, balancing the pursuit of excellence with the human element of education.

This philosophy is central to Nothing New. As the name suggests, the concept isn’t novel, but it’s profoundly insightful and transformative. It’s about integrating ancient wisdom into modern leadership, a blend of spirituality and practical management.


The heart of this wisdom lies in the Noble Eightfold Path, a Buddhist teaching that offers a way to end suffering. It consists of:

  1. Right View: Understanding the nature of reality and the path of transformation.

  2. Right Resolve: Commitment to ethical and mental self-improvement.

  3. Right Speech: Speaking truthfully, harmoniously, and kindly.

  4. Right Action: Acting in ways that don't cause harm or suffering.

  5. Right Livelihood: Choosing a job that does not harm others.

  6. Right Effort: Cultivating positive states of mind.

  7. Right Mindfulness: Developing awareness of the body, feelings, and mind.

  8. Right Concentration: Developing the mental focus necessary for this awareness.

In essence, leadership and spirituality are not just interconnected; they are one and the same. The principles that guide a spiritual life also underpin effective, positive, and transformative leadership.


At Nothing New, we embody this philosophy, teaching that the path to ending suffering at work starts with a leader’s vision and extends through their embodiment of these timeless principles. This approach isn’t just about business success; it’s about cultivating a work environment where happiness and fulfillment are as important as productivity and innovation.

This is a great space to write a long text about our company and services. At Nothing New, we are committed to providing high-quality and interactive trainings that help professionals excel in their careers. Our team is made up of experts in their fields, who are passionate about sharing their knowledge and skills with our clients. We believe in practical and experiential learning, which is why our workshops are live, interactive, and versatile. Join us on a learning adventure and take your professional journey to the next level.

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At Nothing New, we are proud of our team of expert trainers who bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to our workshops. With over 20 years of experience in their respective fields, they are committed to helping our clients achieve their professional goals. Our customers satisfaction is our top priority, which is why we have a 100% satisfaction rate. Join us and experience the difference.

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