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The Return of Magic at Work: Have your Fortune Told

Updated: Apr 13

Beyond the traditional tools of analysis and strategy, the incorporation of esoteric and non-rational practices into the corporate realm has been a secret practice for ages. The aim is not to relegate decision-making to the stars or shroud offices in incense smoke; rather, it is about acknowledging and integrating the mystical alongside the rational to navigate the complex, often unpredictable business landscape.

The Classical: Using Astrology for Strategic Decision-Making

The stars have long been consulted for guidance, and in the corporate world, this ancient practice has also found its place. Millions read their horoscope at work first thing in the morning and the global market for astrology was estimated at a staggering $12.8 billion in 2021, don't think it's all for personal use... Executives and entrepreneurs alike have been known to use astrological insights to choose the timing of significant launches or to guide strategic decisions. Banker and millionnaire JP Morgan was said to be a frequent user. Ronald Reagan, the 40th President of the United States, and his wife, Nancy, are also known to have consulted for making significant decisions during Reagan's presidency, an example that illustrates the application of astrology at the highest levels of government decision-making.

The Debated: Astral Themes in Recruitment

Beyond predicting economical and market trends, astrology has been utilized in the recruitment process, with some companies analyzing potential employees' birth charts to determine their suitability for a role or a team. This practice, while unorthodox, is predicated on the belief that an individual's astrological profile can offer insights into their strengths, weaknesses, and compatibility with the company culture. If businesses rarely advertise this practice, many astrologers report having corporate clients, confirming a relatively widespread application of astrology in the business world.

The Pseudo Scientific: Handwriting Analysis

Handwriting analysis, or graphology, is another tool that some businesses employ during the recruitment process. Advocates argue that a person's handwriting can reveal key personality traits, work habits, and even leadership potential. Although it is a contentious practice, certain firms secretly swear by its efficacy in ensuring a harmonious and effective workforce. Interestingly, the CIA has been known to explore graphology as a tool for recruitment and released secret documents about its use in the 50's.

The Cultural: Chinese Zodiac and Investment Strategies

Incorporating the Chinese Zodiac into business decisions, particularly in investment, reflects a broader trend of integrating cultural and mystical elements into financial strategies. Some investors consider the zodiac sign of the year when making decisions, believing that it can influence market dynamics and investment outcomes. Notably, investors often consider the current Year of the Dragon as bringing growth and fortune, we'll see...

The Traditional: Feng Shui to Design Success through Harmony

The ancient Chinese art of feng shui is widely employed in office design and layout to create harmonious environments that purportedly enhance productivity, creativity, and overall business success. Companies like The Body Shop and Virgin Airlines have incorporated feng shui principles into their corporate spaces, seeking to align physical spaces with positive energy flows. While Feng Shui seems like a sound set of interior design principles, it is actually about the flow and mapping of energy and definitely belongs to the non rational. Like astrology, it has become mainstream and is widely considered acceptable in the business world.

The Newcomer: Energy Cleansing and Reiki to Purify Spaces

In an effort to promote well-being and positivity, some businesses have turned to energy cleansing rituals and Reiki healing sessions to purify their work environments. This practice aims to eliminate negative energies, thereby fostering a more productive and harmonious workplace. The perceived efficiency of these practices does not have any scientific explanation. Interestingly, the NHS in the UK categorized Reiki as a complementary and alternative medicine which can be recommended in hospitals under certain conditions and specific circumstances...

The Mathematical: Using Numerology in Branding and Product Launches

Many businesses are applying numerology to determine auspicious numbers for branding, including for the place or dates of product launches. This practice is based on the belief that certain numbers can bring good luck and positive outcomes. Companies like Google, Apple, and Amazon all have numerological values that align with their brand's characteristics and industry success. Google's analytical nature is reflected in its numerology value of 7, Apple's emphasis on harmony and user-friendliness aligns with the value of 6, and Amazon's innovative approach is highlighted by the value of 3.

The Ancien One: Blessings for Prosperity

The custom of conducting blessings for new ventures, buildings, or ships is a cross-cultural practice that has been around for millenia. This ancient tradition is believed to safeguard against misfortune and attract prosperity, underscoring the universal desire for success and protection, and a willingness to suspend disbelief in times of need.

Is This a Trend?

These practices, while often regarded as unconventional, indeed reflect a broader trend towards holistic and inclusive approaches to business management. By embracing the mystical alongside the rational, businesses are not abandoning logic but are instead enriching their decision-making toolkit with subtle and ancient wisdom. Whether through the strategic use of astrology, the thoughtful application of feng shui, or the cultural reverence of ritual blessings, the corporate world's flirtation with the esoteric underscores a profound truth: In our modern pursuit of business and professional success, the subtle force of intuition has been greatly undervalued. And as the business world evolves towards greater well-being and work-life balance, embracing intuition and mystical practices signifies a shift towards a more expansive understanding of work and business as a whole.

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