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Joy at Work Score: 50 Activities You Should Have Already Organized!

Updated: Apr 18

Calculate the « Activity Joy at Work » Score: How does your workplace stack up in terms of creating a joyful and engaging atmosphere? 

The Activity Joy at Work Score is a unique way to quantify the joy in your workplace by examining the variety and frequency of positive, team-building activities your company organizes. Here's how it works…

Scoring, for each one of the 50 activities:

- If your company organized this activity or a similar one once in the last 12 months, score 1 point.

- If your company organized this activity or similar twice or more in the last 24 months, score 2 points.

- Add up the points to get your company's JAW Score out of a possible 100.

 1. Karaoke Breaks

 2. Dance Offs

 3. Yoga Sessions

 4. Guided Meditation

 5. On-Site Massages

 6. Happy Hour Gatherings

 7. Cooking Competitions

 8. Music and Dance Lessons

 9. Nature Walks and Hikes

 10. Tree Planting Activities

 11. Bingo Nights

 12. Book Club

 13. Pet Days

 14. Children’s Day

 15. Volunteering for Charity

 16. Inspirational Conferences and Debates

 17. Escape Room Challenges

 18. Board Game Evenings

 19. Divination and Tarot Reading Sessions

 20. Craft and Art Workshops

 21. Language Learning Clubs

 22. DIY Workshops

 23. Fitness Challenges

 24. Personal Development Days

 25. Themed Dress-Up Days

 26. Photography Contests

 27. Markets and Shops Visits

 28. Movie Nights

 29. Parties

 30. Mental Health Workshops

 31. Improv Comedy Workshops

 32. Coffee & TeaTasting

 33. Gardening Club

 34. Charity Runs or Walks

 35. Art Galleries and Museum Tours

 36. Virtual Reality Gaming

 37. Recipe Exchange Programs

 38. Science and Technology Fairs

 39. Sustainability Initiatives

 40. Music Jam Sessions

 41. Sports-related Events

 42. Entrepreneurship Pitch Nights

 43. Alcohol & Beer Tasting

 44. Puzzle Challenges

 45. Social Media Challenges

 46. Historical Reenactment Days

 47. Space-themed Days

 48. Company Trips

 49. Tech-free Retreats

 50. Murder Mystery Parties

The Big Questions: Do we have any businesses out there with a score above 50? How about above 75? Share your company's JAW Score with your HR department if you can, or tell us about what was organized in the comments, and let's see who's leading the way in workplace happiness!

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